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Important Messages



Veteran Parramatta City Councillor Chris Worthington and surrounding residents, are outraged at the high-handed tactics adopted by Coca Cola Amatil in its endeavours to erect a 32 metre high administration building on its existing site in Briens Rd Northmead. “I concede that the company has every right to re-develop its site, as I agree it certainly needs a spruce up, however the tactics the company has adopted to date in its efforts to expedite the process, without adequate public consultation and more detailed plans, is outrageous, and is what has got up my nose,” Councillor Worthington went on to state.

The Advertiser has learnt that the company reps. have had a series of meetings with Parramatta Council over a period of time, but unable to convince the Council Officers that a 40 metre high building would not be a blight on the landscape, they took their case to the Planning Minister Frank Sartor, who immediately directed them to lower the building to the current proposal of 32 metres.

Resulting from a discussion between Councillor Worthington and Minister Sartor, officers from his Planning Dept. recently met with Councillors and took on board their concerns.

Councillor Worthington said, “The officers were quite receptive to Councillors’ concerns and suggestions, and matters which were broached included, design, size and height of the proposed building, its imposing nature on the surrounding landscape, possible increase in noise generated on site and from vehicular traffic entering and exiting the site, lack of detailed plans, and the inadequate consultative process adopted to date with the surrounding residents”.

 “As Council and residents still have concerns about the above aspects of the proposal,  Planning Officers gave a commitment that as a State Significant Site under the control of the Minister, they would take their concerns on board, and would be requesting the company to consult further with council and residents, including a broader catchment area,” Councillor Worthington said.

He proceeded to state, “Officers of the Minister would be seeking an open forum meeting approach between the Company and residents, and instead of conceptual drawings, detailed design would be a requirement at these meetings.”

Councillor Worthington is hoping that as Council is not the approving authority in this instance, but the Minister; a reasonable result will be achieved. He stated however, “Those residents who are concerned at the proposal, will need to attend meetings to become more informed, and put forward their concerns and suggestions”

(Cr) Chris Worthington

31st July 2006



Firstly our thanks to all the residents who were able to attend the Land and Environment Court on-site hearing at the Winston Hills Hotel on 24th May 2006.

  • Commissioner Brown upheld the applicant’s appeal with a number of conditions, which did not address the residents’ concerns relating to the anti-social behaviour of hotel patrons in the neighbourhood.
  • It is our opinion the judgment handed down by the Land and Environment Court is unjust and shows scant regard for residents particularly in relation to the fact that Commissioner Brown has ruled the hotel can open at 7:00am instead of the current opening time of 10:00am. This gives the hotel the opportunity to trade for 20Hrs per day (Thurs, Fri & Sat) and 17 Hrs per day (Mon, Tues & Wed). In addition to this the hotel can trade from 10:00am to 10:00pm on Sundays. Residents therefore, will have little or no respite from the noise and anti-social behaviour of hotel patrons.
  • The Police Association in its submission to the NSW Alcohol Summit stated, “Today we know for a fact that between 70-80% of public order incidents our members attend are alcohol related”.
  • New laws currently under consideration by the State Government if approved will give hotels the right to open at 5:00am and close at 12:00 midnight (including Sunday) and will mean residents’ rights of complaint will be taken away if a hotel was built before the surrounding houses.
  • If we don’t act now before the new laws come into force residents may not be able to make valid complaints.
  • Acting on behalf the residents we intend to lodge a Section 104 complaint under the Liquor Act with the Liquor Administration Board against the Winston Hills Hotel concerning the hotel’s inability to control the anti-social behaviour of its patrons as they leave the hotel. This should result in a review of the hotel’s licence and a possible reduction in trading hours.
  • In our view the hotel may already be in breach of the laws relating to the serving of alcohol to intoxicated patrons. Police closed down the hotel on Anzac Day 25th April 2006 at approximately 9:00pm, due to a number of brawls at the hotel involving intoxicated patrons. This forced closure happened even though there was a large security force employed by the hotel.
  • The owner’s family also own the Oaks Hotel at Neutral Bay, which regularly attracts 1,500 patrons on a Friday and Saturday night. On special events the Oaks attracts approximately 2,500 patrons. The court appointed expert in his report stated that the Winston Hills Hotel would have a capacity of 1,200 patrons and we believe it to have a larger floor area than that of the Oaks Hotel. So with this increase in numbers residents in Winston Hills can well imagine the increase in associated anti-social behaviour.
  • To counter this we must have your support. We need residents who have experienced anti-social behaviour, break-ins, damage to property, offensive language, sleep deprivation etc caused by hotel patrons to provide us with a letter or statutory declaration setting out your complaints. These documents will be submitted to the Liquor Administration Board. It is important that the Liquor Administration Board hear your complaints.
  • If you need more information and are prepared to write a letter or provide a statutory declaration please call 0407 912 797. We can arrange pick up if necessary.
  • Winston Hills Residents Action Group (16/06/2006)



  • Parramatta City Council rejected the Development Application for the refurbishment of the Winston Hills Hotel on 12 December 2005.
  • Baulkham Hills Shire Council rejected the Development Application for the refurbishment of the Winston Hills Hotel on 31 January 2006.
  • The Owner of the Winston Hills Hotel has lodged appeals against both Councils in the Land and Environment Court.
  • The Land and Environment Court will hear both these appeals at an on-site hearing to be held at the Winston Hills Hotel on 24 May 2006 at 9:30am. It is extremely important that as many residents attend this hearing as possible.
  • This will be the last opportunity you will have to express your views and to relate your experiences of any anti-social behaviour by hotel patrons in your streets.
  • It is our opinion that after inspecting the plans, the hotel concept is being changed from that of a hotel motel with a restaurant, to that of a Tavern similar to The Castle Hill Tavern or the Mean Fiddler concept.
  • The refurbished hotel will have the capacity to seat approx 900 patrons, approx half of this number in the outside beer garden area with windows and roofs, which can open and close, resulting in increased noise. It is anticipated that the refurbished hotel may easily attract this patronage during the busy hours of Thursday thru Sunday.
  • Last Anzac Day 25 April 2006, there was a very large number of patrons at the hoHills Shire Times - 2 May 2006tel. A number of brawls broke out and 8 police cars and an ambulance attended. A police officer was thrown to the ground; groups of patrons were roaming the streets damaging property; some patrons were lying in gardens and footpaths too drunk to walk; the residents in the nearby houses were terrified. As a result Police closed the hotel at 9:00pm.
  • Is this what you want in your suburb? It appears that the hotel is unable to manage the large number of patrons it is seeking on a regular basis. If this refurbishment goes ahead, every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday has the potential for similar problems as experienced during Anzac Day.
  • If you are able to attend the on-site hearing and have access to e-mail please notify us at
  • Winston Hills Residents Action Group (17/05/2006)




Parramatta City Council will be considering a report on the Winston Hills Hotel Development Application on Monday 12th December 2005 commencing at 6:45pm, Level 4, Council Chambers, Civic Place, (behind the Town Hall).

We understand how difficult it is for many residents to attend, however this particular meeting is very important and we need your support more than ever. Just your presence at this meeting demonstrates your concern for your suburb and is extremely important at these meetings.

There are many rumours being spread pertaining to objections of residents, they need to be cleared up.

  1. We want the hotel closed down.
    This is not true. The hotel has been in Winston Hills for many years and many of the residents are patrons of the hotel.
  2. We want to stop the hotel making money.
    Again not true. We have no objection to the hotel making money.
  3. We object to the hotel being renovated.
    This is not true, if we have a hotel in Winston Hills it should enhance the suburb, both in its inside and outside appearance.

What we do object to:

  1. Existing late trading hours and the establishment of 7 days a week late trading hours.
  2. To overcome the new No Smoking laws the establishment of a flimsy enclosed outdoor area with potential seating for approx 400 patrons with little noise mitigation given that the residential area begins only 30 metres from this area.
    (Under new legislation reported to be introduced in the new year, hotels will be required to undergo an extensive Social Impact Study before outdoor areas such as proposed can be commenced. As it stands, should Council approve this DA, this Social Impact Study will be avoided and residents of Winston Hills will not be protected from the identified harms associated with late night trading and increased alcohol sales.)
  3. The extensive opening of walls by way of glass doors and windows allowing substantial access from the beer garden to internal bars allowing noise from within the hotel to flow into the surrounding residential area. (New regulations to be introduced will require these doors and windows to be locked open at all operating hours to meet anti smoking legislation.)
  4. The failure to adequately address existing noise, anti social behaviour in the hotel car parks and surrounding streets. The failure to ensure the peace and safety of local residents and generally protect the amenity of the area.

Kindest Regards, Please support us in our efforts to protect our suburb.

Winston Hills Residents Action Group (8/12/2005)



Dear Resident,

On Monday 14th November 2005 Parramatta City Council will consider the Winston Hills Hotel 2 million-dollar refurbishment. This involves extensive changes to the hotel, as we know it. These changes will give the hotel a much greater patronage potential than it currently has with seating for approximately 800 patrons, half of these in the refurbished outdoor area. Coupled with the existing late trading hours of the hotel and the 3 am trading hours over all areas of the hotel the proprietor has stated he will reapply for. (Based on available statistics and reports from 2003 Alcohol Summit and other studies please visit our website for more detail) Winston Hills could experience substantial growth in antisocial behaviour, crime, drink driving, vandalism, violence and alcohol related accidents. The Steering Committee has fought hard and long on your behalf in this matter. Now we need your support more than ever. We request you; your family, friends and neighbours take time to attend this very important Council Meeting.
The Meeting will begin at 6:45pm on level 4, Council Chambers, Civic Place, Parramatta.

Remember there is power in numbers! Without your support we cannot win. If you can attend or for further information please call 0407 912 797 Please, do not leave it to others, this is your suburb, help us protect it.

It is important councilors are aware of your concerns before they vote. Attached is a list of Councillors names, phone numbers etc would you please let them know of your objections to the development, a fax, email or even SMS message requesting they vote against the proposal may assist.

Kindest regards
Winston Hills Steering Committee

  • Clr P Barber Mob: 0414 190 208 Priv: 9630 2315 Fax: 9806 5967
  • Clr D Borger (Mayor) 9806 5060 Fax: 9806 5920
  • Clr A Brown Mob: 0431 506 051 Priv: 9897 0241 Fax: 9897 7806
  • Clr J Chedid Mob: 0431 506 055 Fax: 9806 5958
  • Clr P Esber Mob: 0414 190 204 Priv: 9638 0996 Fax: 9638 2341
  • Clr J Finn Mob: 0414 190 202
  • Clr P Garrard Mob: 0414 504 504 Priv: 9637 4962 Fax: 9637 6149
  • Clr A Issa Mob: 0414 333 300 Priv: 9897 1740 Fax: 9637 6158
  • Clr O Jamal Mob: 0431 506 053 Fax: 9806 5974
  • Clr C Lim Mob: 0427 277 299 Priv: 0630 6714 Fax: 9890 5739
  • Clr M Walsh Mob: 0416 035 819 Priv: 9682 4103 Fax: 9637 6169
  • Clr L Wearne Mob: 0416 035 817 Bus: 9876 8060 Fax: 9876 3691
  • Clr A Wilson Mob: 0414 035 817
  • Clr C Worthington Mob: 0414 603 603 Fax: 9806 5924

Winston Hills Residents Action Group (9/11/05)





Baulkham Hills Shire Council and Parramatta City Council have Development Applications for extensive refurbishment of the Winston Hills Hotel, whilst we have little objection to the hotel being renovated we do object to the change of concept of the hotel as proposed.

The re-vamp proposes to extensively remodel the interior and exterior of the hotel.

Develop the old beer garden area of approx 125 metres long x approx 10 metres deep from the Caroline Chisholm Drive car park to the rear Baulkham Hills side car park, as an outside eating, drinking, smoking area with 5 large pergolas with operable (openable) sides joined by operable (opening) aluminium roofing.

Provide extensive ceiling to roof glass doors and windows between the existing walls to allow better access from the interior bars to the beer garden.

It is our opinion that after inspecting the plans, the hotel concept is being changed from that of a hotel motel with a restaurant to that of a Tavern ala, The Tavern Hotel at Castle Hill or the Vinegar Hill, Mean Fiddler concept.

The completed hotel will have the capacity to seat approx 800 people, approx half of this number in the outside beer garden area. It is anticipated that the refurbished hotel would easily attract this patronage in busy hours of Thursday thru Sunday.

LATE TRADING: The hotel currently has trading hours from 10am till midnight Monday thru Sunday and 3am trading in two bars Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Since late trading was introduced the suburb has experienced substantial increases in anti social behaviour and serious crime.

E.g.: Brawls in the car parks and surrounding streets; patrons urinating and defecating in nearby yards, streets and laneways; letterboxes smashed; trees and signage broken; glasses and bottles thrown into neighbouring yards; car windows broken; graffiti; foul and obscene language; youths doing wheelies, donuts; playing of loud stereo systems; 3 ram raids at local businesses; several armed holdups involving knives and guns; break and enters; discharging of a shotgun and assault with an axe at a robbery at the hotel; damage to a Police car and assault of officers at a hotel disturbance; abduction of a resident at Winston Hills Shopping Centre ATM; bomb scare at the Winston Hills Shopping Centre.

Do we want these activities in our suburb?

Owner Wants More Late Trading Hours

The applicant recently presented a Development Application (DA) for extension of existing trading hours of operation of the Winston Hills Hotel to 3:00am Monday to Saturday and to midnight on Sunday for all areas of the hotel.

The applicant was withdrawn largely because of residents’ objection, however the applicant advised that he will reapply at a later date.

The approval of the DA before Councils in concert with the existing 12am and 3am closing and any further extension of late trading hours that may be sought, could certainly have serious alcohol related harms for residents and the amenity of the suburb this hotel is in the middle of a residential area. Access roads to this hotel run through your suburb.

What do the experts say about late trading hours and increase of alcohol sales?

(National Research Centre into Prevention of Drug Abuse – Curtin University of Technology Western Australia) found that:

“Violent sexual assaults more than doubled in and around hotels and clubs with late licenses. Late night outlets were shown to have 39% increase in sales”

“The research puts forward evidence that an alarming 125% increase in the number of violent and sexual assaults was a product of greater alcohol sales”.

(The NSW Police submission 2003 NSW Alcohol Summit submission)

“The broadening of the availability of alcohol simply exacerbates an existing problem. Today, we know for a fact that between 70-80% of public order incidents our members attend are alcohol related. This was the case 12 years ago the NSW Police Service found that 77% of public order incidents (assault; offensive behaviour; offensive language etc) were alcohol related”.

The NSW Police Association recommended to the NSW Alcohol Summit 2003

“There ought not to be 24 hour licensed premises where there is not 24 hour security presence or a 24 hour Police Station”.

What can you do?

The matter will come before Baulkham Hills Shire Council on Tues, 19th July 2005 at 7:00pm. Please join other residents at this meeting and bring your friends.

Parramatta City Council will make a decision on Monday 25th July 2005 at 6:45pm. Please support us at this meeting.

Write, phone, email: Federal MP Alan Cadman; State MP Wayne Merton; The General Manager; Mayor; Councillors of Baulkham Hills and Parramatta Councils; The Editors of all Local newspapers; Radio – Alan Jones, Ray Hadley. Please join us in protecting our community from inappropriate development.

Winston Hills Residents Action Group (16/7/2005)


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