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Winston Hills Facts

Winston Hills is located 28 kilometres north-west of Sydney on Windsor Road and is bordered to the south and east by Toongabbie and Quarry Creeks, is north-west of Parramatta and was formerly part of Governor Macquarie's plan to make the area a "Model Farm".

Farming continued with many Italian and Maltese migrants continuing the pattern after World War II. During the 1960s developers purchased large portions of these properties naming their development Winston Hills Estate in 1965 after Britain's wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (1874-1965) who died that year. The area was made a suburb in 1972 and was transferred from Blacktown shire to Parramatta City Council.

Winston Hills is one of eight designated “Special Character Areas” in the Parramatta City Council area and as such there are specific regulations which apply to any proposed development.

It is a quiet residential area which has a modern shopping centre. Parks were not overlooked when Winston Hills was being planned, and areas of cool greenness continue to provide pleasure spots for residents.

Schoolchildren are also well catered for, with several schools located in the suburb.

Some streets have been named after great writers and include Bronte Place, Shelley Street, and Twain Street, while Homer Street links to a group of names from Greek mythology, such as Troy Place, Nestor Street and Ixion Street. To the south, steets bear the names of great scientists, such as Einstein, Volta, Edison and Marconi, or biblical names such as Goliath, Gideon and Esther.


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